4 Time Saving Asana Hacks You Should Be Using


You may have heard me say it before, but Asana is my go to when it comes to organizing all things for my business and even my personal stuff too.

Once you get the gist of how to plan and organize your tasks, it’ll become second nature to you and you won’t be able to go on without it. 

After using Asana for a while now, I’ve come across some pretty cool hacks I wish someone would have shared with me when I started using it. 

So this is me hopefully sharing four new tricks for you to fall even more in love with Asana.


If you’re anything like me when I first started using Asana, you might be clicking on each task that’s supposed to be assigned to yourself and individually assigning them. Probably thinking “ughhh this is so repetitive.”

Say hello to Multi-Select! 

If you have a group of tasks that you want to assign to yourself or a team member:

  • Click on the first task

  • Then hold Shift and click on the last task in the list you want to assign

  • Next, click on the Assign Icon to assign it to the proper person


The same can be done with assigning the same due date to the batch of tasks, adding tags and for moving the whole set to another subhead in your project. 

Set Up Recurring Tasks 

If you have a task that repeats, don't waste your time creating it over and over again! When you go to assign your due date to a task, there are options for setting recurring tasks. Below the calendar you’ll see an option for "repeat." When you click on that you can choose whether to repeat daily, weekly, or whatever you want, and you can also add in a time.

Recurring Task On Mondays

Recurring Task On Mondays


One of my favorite things is how custom you can get with the recurring task. If you want to repeat something daily, but only Monday through Friday, all you have to do is choose "weekly" and then beneath that click each day, Monday through Friday. 

Long are the days of forgetting those quarterly tasks— you can set up quarterly recurring tasks too. Choose "monthly" and select to repeat every 3 months—and every 6 months for a biannual repeat. If you want to stop the repeating, either remove the due date or click on "repeat" and choose "never."

Chrome Extension

If you’re a Google Chrome user, you need to check out the Asana Chrome Extension. With it you’re able to add a task to your dashboard quickly while you’re browsing the web. 

To use it, just click on the Asana Icon in the top right of the browser and fill in the fields on the screen. If you click on the link icon, the name of the page becomes the task name, with the link as a note. You can add a description if you need one and you can change the name of the task if needed.


This is great for remembering to share articles, or reminding yourself to read something later. 

Email tasks to Asana

Drumroll please…. I’ve saved the best for last!

Turning emails into tasks will be a huge time saver. 

All you have to do is send an email to x@mail.asana.com and it will create a task in My Tasks. 

The email subject will become the name of the task, and the body is the task description. Any attachments to the email get attached to the task.

Be sure to send from the email address that is linked to your Asana account for this to work correctly.

Some Pro Tips:

  • If you add another address in the To: field, that person becomes an assignee of that task. 

  • Anyone CC'ed on the message gets added as a follower of the task. 

If you want to take it a step further..

You can send emails to specific projects in your Asana.  Every project has its own unique email address. To find it:

  • Go to your project Dropdown

  • Then hover over Import

  • Then select Email


A screen with your email address for that project will appear. To store it:

  • Go into your Email contacts and create a new contact

  • Label the name, the name of your project in Asana

  • Next, enter the email address and save

Now when you want to add a task for a specific project, you just have to send it to the name of your project.

This is a great feature to turn incoming emails into tasks, you simply can forward the information straight to your Asana to be added to your My Tasks. Doing this will help clear out the clutter in your inbox and keep everything stored in one place (Asana) so you never lose track of a task.

Start implementing these hacks into your daily use with Asana and see how much of an effect it has on your productivity. 

Do you have other hacks you use in Asana? Leave a comment and let us know what it is!