How To Set Up Canned Responses Using Gmail

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We know all too well how busy our inboxes can get from day to day. We spend so much time going back and forth and replying to emails and inquiries that eats up a large chunk of our day. What if I told you, you could set up template responses so that you don't constantly have to type out the same things over and over again for the same questions being asked.

If you're using Gmail you can use this feature called canned responses. A canned response is a pre-written email or part of an email that will automatically insert into the body of your email by clicking a button. This will save you loads of time from having to type out the same answers to common questions that you're often asked.

If you’re a service based business and people send in inquiries, you can have a response template already made for them. When someone reaches out with interest in working with you, you can have the email template ready with intake questions for them to answer to see if you’re the perfect fit for them. So when these come in, all you’d have to do is insert it into the e-mail and click send rather than type out custom responses to each individual to get the ball rolling.

If you’re a product based business, this works as well for when people reach out with questions about your products, delivery information or any other specifics about your business. You can have responses already made so that you don't have to type out the specifics over and over again.

Here is the step-by-step guide to set up Canned Responses in your Gmail account.

  1. First, you're going to go into Settings and then click Advanced.

  2. Next, look for Canned Responses and click Enable.

  3. Now compose a new email and type out your response that you would like to be in the form of a template.

  4. In the bottom of your email click on the three stacked dots icon and hover over Canned Responses then hover over Save Draft As Template then click Save As New Template.

  5. A screen will come up to name your canned response so that you can easily find it when you need it.

  6. To use the response, all you have to do is click the three stacked dots icon again and go to Canned Responses which will have an area that says Insert Template. Here you will find your canned response to insert into your email.

Repeat these steps to create as many canned responses as needed. Feel free to leave blanks within your template or bold certain things that you know that could be customized for later such as dates, times, etc. Once you start to implement canned responses into your online business, you're going to find that you're saving tons of time within your inbox.