How To Create A Lead Magnet Funnel


One way to grow your online business is to have leads coming through your email list. Having an email list is key to making online sales and it converts way better than social media. One of the best and fastest ways to grow your email list is to have a good lead magnet.

A lead magnet (often called a freebie, content upgrade, or opt-in), is a piece of content you offer for free in exchange for an email address. Once someone enters their email address into an opt-in form, they would receive the email with the free piece of content.

Today I want to walk you through a lead magnet funnel that will help you to build a strong following and increase your sales over time.

1. Create the lead magnet

When you're creating your lead magnet, it's very important to consider who your ideal customer or client is that's going to be using your lead magnet. The idea is to provide a resource that solves a problem or a pain point that they are currently having. Your lead magnet is supposed to come in and save the day and help them out in this area.

For example, if you have a business all about gardening, you may want a lead magnet that gives five tips for having the perfect soil for vegetables. This lead magnet will provide your ideal gardener the right information for their garden and in return you will start to gain their trust.

2. Set up the opt-in

Once you have the lead magnet created, you’re going to need a way to deliver it via email. There are a bunch of email service providers out there, choose the one that works best for you. I highly recommend using ConvertKit, but feel free to test a few different ones on their free trial to see which you feel most comfortable working with.

Once you have chosen one, embed an opt-in form onto your website for your lead magnet. You can include it on your homepage, on a blog post, or even in the sidebar of your website. Once you embed the form, test to make sure the lead magnet is automatically delivered via email upon submitting your email address.

3. Create a Nurture Sequence

This is the time you want to win over your ideal customer or client. Once someone has opted into your lead magnet, the door is open to build a relationship. A nurture sequence is about 2-3 emails long that welcomes the subscriber into your world and provides them with VALUE.

The key to mastering this part is to continue to help them and provide value so you can build the trust even further. These emails typically go out within the days following their initial opt-in. If someone downloads your lead magnet on Monday, they would receive the first email of the nurture sequence on Tuesday and so on. Make sure when you’re setting up the sequence in your email service provider that the emails go out at least 1 day apart and they are not all set to immediately. The last thing you want to do is bombard your email subscribers with 3 emails in the same day and then have them unsubscribe.

4. Create Weekly Content

Once someone is done with your nurture sequence, have them automatically tagged to be on your email newsletter list. Inside your email service provider, you can easily do this by setting up a rule to tag a subscriber once they complete a sequence.

Every week, commit to putting out valuable content to continue to help your ideal customer/client. This will further build the trust and also keep you top of mind for whenever they may need whatever it is that you are offering.

5. Soft Promotion

Every once in a while it’s okay to mention your products — we are in the business of making money. The key to making this “non-salesy” is to keep it natural. Only mention your products or services whenever it’s applicable, never force it. If you feel like you’re forcing it, then your audience will feel it too.

When your product or service flows into a topic you’re talking about, people are less likely to interpret it as a sales pitch and take it as helpful advice instead. As a part of your weekly content, gear your topics towards the areas your products and services touches on.

After time, your subscribers will be more familiar with your area of expertise and will be more likely to choose you over anyone else for the product or service you’re offering.

Over time you’ll begin to see your email list grow and your engagement with your audience increase. If you can stay consistent with your content and always provide value, you will quickly start to see how it will positively impact your sales.

Below is an infographic you can download that has all the steps outlined that you can print out and keep nearby to always refer back to.

lead magnet infographic.jpg

Lead Manget Inforgraphic

Download your copy of the lead magnet infograph to always refer back to

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