How To Streamline And Create The Perfect Client Experience


One of the biggest lessons I have learned as an online entrepreneur is to provide an amazing client experience. Once more attention was given to this area, the referrals started flying in because they heard how easy and what a good experience it was to work with me. In the online world where you’re most likely never meeting your clients face to face, referrals are major! 

Potential clients are looking to work with and buy from someone who is credible, so having someone to be able to vouch for your services is essential. Having client testimonials displayed on your website is a huge help, but word of mouth referrals are gold.

So how do you get your clients raving about you?

Make a good impression from the very beginning.

Win them over before they’re even signed. If someone reaches out on your website or via email, have a professionally designed Pricing & Services Guide already created to send out. With this guide, you’ll be able to explain your process on working together and set the expectations from the very beginning. You will be able to outline your payment structure, programs and software you use, timelines, etc. 

Also, take time to draft up email templates for your most common questions and inquiries. Having a collection of email templates will save you loads of time in your inbox and you’ll have polished responses that your potential clients will be thankful for.

You can use programs such as Honeybook and Dubsudo to automate some of this process. These are both client management software programs that allow you to build out step-by-step workflows. For example, when someone submits an inquiry an email and Service and Pricing Packet can be automatically sent to them via email. 

Later down the line, you can send proposals, contracts, collect payments and more through a client management software. I highly recommend looking into one of these software programs to streamline your client process and keep the client experience smooth and professional. 

Pitch it perfect.

If you’re pitching for new clients, have a professional Project Proposal Template in place. Having a template for your proposal will speed up your turnaround time on landing a gig. The last thing you want to do is keep a potential client waiting — they’ll most likely keep searching around so you want to be sure to get them the information they want rather quickly before your competition does.

Having a designed and branded proposal will set the tone of professionalism and give your potential client a good first impression. Make sure in your proposal all your information is accurate and clear to ensure they’re informed of exactly what to expect when working together.

Have a system in place once they say yes.

Once you seal the deal and land your client, welcome them with a branded Client Welcome Packet.

In your welcome packet you will:

  • Welcome your client properly and make a great first impression

  • Set boundaries and manage client expectations

  • Outline all the important details in a clear and organized way

  • Provide an excellent client experience right from the beginning

By having this document in place, you will have set the stage for what’s to come in the whole experience to come. Your client will feel confident in what’s going to be done and by when and know all the guidelines to follow in the working relationship.

If there are certain answers you need in the beginning phases of working together, have questionnaires made for your process to help limit back and forth and get moving on the project faster.

For certain projects you may be using specific software/programs that you want your client to use as well to keep everything streamlined. I suggest that you pre-record any tech training for software/programs you use so you can easily share with clients if they need help understanding your process. 

For example, if you use Asana for project tasks, deadlines and communication— record a mini training on how to use it and how to follow your process so they are fully aware of what to do and avoid the extra back and forth.

When you’re done working with your client send them off in style with a Client Goodbye Packet. Wrap up your services and thank them for working with you. You may want to include how you can help them in the future or try to collect any testimonials. In your packet you can also link to an online questionnaire to ask questions about your service and how to make it better for the future. 

Having all the processes in place and professional documents all ready to go will not only streamline the whole process but you’ll make an everlasting impression with your clients. You’ll have an excellent client experience which they will never forget. Your clients will be happy to recommend you whenever the opportunity arises. 

What are some special touches you added to your client experience?