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6 Tips For Tracking Progress And Staying On Schedule With Projects

Project overwhelm is a real thing when you’re an online entrepreneur. You have so many ideas that you’re burning the candle at both ends trying to everyone one of them to come to life. Soon you find yourself with an endless list of projects and a slow moving needle because you’re juggling way too much. There are six tips that will help you track the progress of you projects and stay on schedule with completing them.

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Why Systems Are Key To A Scalable Online Business - An Interview With Jessica Holsapple

Having an online business is a lot of work despite the fact that we have the opportunity to work in our yoga pants. The stress from the endless to-do list can make you feel like you’re suffocating sometimes with the amount of work you have on your plate as a business owner. Today I’m sharing an interview I had with Jessica Holsapple, a small business coach, about why having systems are the key to a successful and scalable online business. This interview is loaded with takeaways for the work from home entrepreneur to start implementing in their business to be more efficient, productive and successful.

Having processes and systems in place is one of the most important things to implement for being productive and efficient when working from home. Once you have your workflows nailed down, stress will start to lighten up because you now have your roadmaps in place for accomplishing different tasks within your business. 

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How To Create A Lead Magnet Funnel

One way to grow your online business is to have leads coming through your email list. Having an email list is key to making online sales and it converts way better than social media. One of the best and fastest ways to grow your email list is to have a good lead magnet. Today I want to walk you through a lead magnet funnel that will help you to build a strong following and increase your sales over time.

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Why Tracking Your Growth Will Make Your Business More Successful

In order to know if something is successful or not in your business, it needs to be measured. To get an accurate picture of what’s going on with your numbers for your business, it’s very important to keep an ongoing log of your data and a log of your actions. Having this log to refer back to will help to explain growth or declines that go on for your business. Here I will walk you through how to track your data efficiently and to record a log that will help you to plan successful campaigns for the future.

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How I Planned For A 2 Week Vacation

Leaving our online businesses for two weeks to go on vacation can be a scary thing. When you’re the only one running the show, it’s hard to completely turn off work mode. Here are my wins and fails for taking two weeks off from my online business along with tips for how you can plan to be completely off from work too.

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