Get More Done By Batching Tasks


My favorite thing I’ve learned along this work from home journey is to batch tasks. If you're not familiar with this term, basically all it means is that you spend your time — whether it be a block of time, or maybe even a day, doing the same type of tasks so you avoid shifting from one mindset to another. A lot of us, including myself, try to multitask and get everything done in only one day, in one sitting. This is actually doing more harm than good.

So the key thing that you want to do is keep your similar tasks together.

Task batching is a time management system which increases productivity and concentration by keeping your focus on the same type of task. Break down a project into tasks and group similar action items together to get them done quicker.

For example, say you're creating a content calendar, and let's say we're doing it for Instagram. We'll use that for the example. Rather than outlining every single day from start to finish — so that would be writing your caption, taking the picture, coming up with the hashtags, posting it or scheduling it however you choose to do so ... Rather than doing that day by day and switching your gears from writing to being a photographer to researching keywords for your hashtags to actually doing the scheduling, your mind's all over the place, and you're doing a lot of different things in one sitting.

Instead, to tackle this in a more productive way, you would batch tasks. So if you want to create a calendar, let's say for two weeks, I would recommend you batch your content writing into one task. Write all your captions for the next two weeks in one sitting or maybe you want to break it into two sittings because that is a lot of captions. By doing it this way, you can just focus on the writing.

What exactly do you want to say? How do you want to communicate? Just flush out all your ideas, and then pick what days you're actually going to put this content out.

Now that you're done with your writing, another day you could set time to take the photos or source the photos, however you come up with your content, so that you’re just focused on the images. Whether that be a photo shoot or online searching for stock imagery, you have one main focus. Now you know what you're looking for, you already have your captions mapped out for you, so you know what kind of images you're looking for to match.

If you're doing a photo shoot this is also good because you get to save time on your setup. It takes time to set up your camera, your flat lays, get the lighting right. All of it is eating up time, and if you're doing that everyday or every other day, it's a lot of time wasted just on setting up and breaking it down. If you focus one full day on doing your photos, you only have to set up once and take down once. Now you have all that extra time to focus on actually creating the content. This is a huge time saver when it comes to taking photos or any type of production.

Moving on, you next would plan time to look up keywords for your hashtags — you're going to want to do this strategically. You're going to want to spend some time looking up what hashtags are going to get your ideal followers onto your page, liking and commenting.

This can all be done in one sitting. Just dive in and do the research. Make a list of all the hashtags that are really good for your audience and then you can sort them out and either use them on every single post or you can pick a few for each different kind. Once you have this master list to refer back to, you'll be so thankful because it's going to save you so much time rather than sitting there and individually thinking about, "What am I going to add to my post?"

After this process is done, on another day or another time block I would say get all your scheduling done. Just sit down, power it out and put all the pieces together. You're going to use whatever scheduler you use whether it be Hootsuite, Later, or any of the other platforms that are out there, and just get your two weeks laid out and scheduled. Put all the pieces in. Upload every picture, every caption, every hashtag. Get it scheduled, and you're done for two weeks.

Hopefully by doing it this way you'll see that you'll be more efficient, more productive and staying within the same mindset. You will be able to keep your focus and be less likely to get distracted.

What are some things you can batch together?