An Inside Look At The Lead Magnet Bundle For Canva


Many people have been asking what's inside the lead magnet bundle for Canva so I figured I’d dedicate a whole post to breaking everything down for you. The reason I decided to build this bundle was so that the busy entrepreneur working from home can knock out their lead magnets without having to worry about anything design.

I'm aware that not everybody is a designer or enjoys the design process of making their lead magnets, or just doesn't have the time. This bundle was created to save you time with the design process of building lead magnets. I wanted to create a no think, just insert type of bundle.

I thought of all the pages that could be included for many different types of lead magnets and created different collections all including multiple page layouts. I created cover pages, inside pages, worksheets, and about pages. I also put together an elements collection, which has items that you could put on to any page within the bundle. They include mock-ups of computers, phones, tablets, and worksheets.

My goal was to create something that would take away that stress of trying to make something look good and also save you time when you're putting it together. Everything is a wireframe, so there are placeholders that you would just drop your images into and then paste in your text. After that, all you do is change your colors and fonts and you're done. I wanted to make it as simple as possible so that there is no guesswork. You just have to input information and it’s done.

Prior to this, I was a full-time graphic designer making lead magnets on the daily for entrepreneurs. I knew what entrepreneurs wanted and what type of workbooks were being asked for so I decided to create templates for all the layouts I've created. I took the time to make these templates so that you don't have to think about layouts and what works and what doesn't.

Here’s how each collection breaks down..

Cover Pages

In the cover pages collection there are over 55 different designs to choose from. This will allow you to always have a fresh new look for your lead magnets while still staying on brand. With these cover pages all you have to do is drop in your brand images, insert your headlines, and add in any other details you want to include. Then you would change your fonts to match your branding and also apply your brand colors. The process of creating your cover page can easily take less than two minutes.

Inside Pages

In the inside pages collection there are over 60 different layouts that you could choose. I have designed a bunch of different options because let's face it, everybody's lead magnet is different. You have a load of options to decide from to match the content you're putting out. There are multiple layouts for different content formats such as full text pages, heavy image pages, FAQ pages, and more.


The worksheets collection includes over 50 different actionable pages. There's a variety of different pages including questions, surveys, checklists, and cheat sheets. These are perfect for one page lead magnets and also for building a workbook.

About Pages

I decided to include an about page is collection so that you can introduce yourself and show your followers some more information about you in a very styled way. There are 25 different options on how to display this information and also pages for multiple team members. Use these pages to give your followers a quick glimpse of what you're all about and win them over with these stunning designs.

Elements Pages

For this collection, I put together a bunch of different items that you might want to include on other pages to make them pop. I have put together drag and drop mockups for cell phones, desktops, laptops, tablets and workbooks that you can copy and paste into your lead magnet.

The benefits of using the bundle?

✓ Time Saved

✓ Stress Reduced

✓ Beautiful Lead Magnets

The goal is to be efficient when working from home and having to do all the things. The lead magnet bundle for Canva is simply a tool to do just that. It’s created to save time doing the recurring task of creating lead magnets that wow your following. You 100% can create your own lead magnets from scratch every time, or use the same format for each one.

But if you’re at a place where you find yourself spending hours trying to design your lead magnets, it might be time to explore options to be more efficient. My biggest advice to busy entrepreneurs is to use systems and templates for the tasks that don’t light you up, so you can free up valuable time to spend on the things that do.