6 Tips For Tracking Progress And Staying On Schedule With Projects


Keeping track of all the projects and moving parts can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like your hustling your behind off and the projects just aren’t getting done as fast as you’d like them to. 

Here are 6 ways to help you track your progress and stay on schedule with your projects

Don’t take on too much at once

Part of the reason why we have projects that take wayyy longer than they should to get done is that we are working on too much at once. Getting laser focused on your priorities and focusing on one major project at a time will move the needle a lot quicker than trying to juggle a handful of projects. 

Take a look at everything you have going on in your business and chose the project that both excites you to work on and will benefit your business. Work on this one first and don’t move on to the next new idea and project until you’ve finished this one.

There’s always going to be a bunch of different things that call for your attention in your business, such as creating consistent content, finances, admin task etc. The idea is to not add on three major projects to that list of responsibilities.

Launching a podcast, creating and online course and and writing an ebook are three big projects that should all have their own attention. Prioritize which is best for your business in the moment and accomplish that one. You’ll allow yourself to have way more time to focus on it rather than splitting your attention between three things. 

Write out your plan

The best way to reach your destination is with a step by step roadmap. For every project you have, make sure to create a detailed plan full of action steps in order to complete the project. Having this information created before you even start the project will save you loads of time because you’ll never have to think about what to do next — you’ll already have it outlined.

This written plan will keep you on track and hold you accountable throughout the whole process. Once you’ve completed certain tasks, feel free to cross them out. It always feels good to check things off the list and see it completed. It helps to visually see how far you’ve gotten on the project. 

I highly recommend using a progress tracker to visually see how far you’ve come on a project. A progress tracker allows you to write out the projects you’re working on and visually check off or shade in areas to show how far you’ve made it through a project.

Keep it visible

Vision trumps all other senses according to Dr. John J. Medina. We are more likely to remember things we write down and make visual. Seeing your plans daily, will allow you to remember and prioritize what needs to be done. Eventually we build up enough momentum that doing what needs doing becomes a habit — not an exception.

Ever write out your list for the grocery store but then when you get to the grocery store you realized you forgot your list at home? You try to remember it all but there’s always that one thing you forget to get. 

Your projects should be treated the same...

Don’t spend all this time creating a step by step plan only to never look at it and forget one of your key items. Keep that list visual, whether it be on your desk or tacked to the wall in front of you, have it close by. 

Digital reminders

To take it a step further, setting digital reminders is another way to make sure you’re getting done what needs to be done. In addition to having a hard copy of your action plan, build out a digital version. You can use a project management software, like Asana, to transfer over your project and action steps and set the appropriate due dates. Within the program, you can enable email reminders or push notifications to keep you on track. 

Between the visual nearby and the digital reminders, there’s little room for error when it comes to remembering what needs to be done. 

Share it with someone

Don’t go at it alone!  Bring someone in on your journey that you can talk with about your projects. You can share with a friend, family member or partner and ask them to help you stay on track and accountable with your plans.

If you rather someone in the online business space to help you stay on track, you can easily make connections online. Having accountability buddies are always a great idea for staying on track with your plans. The online business world is huge and growing by the day. There are tons of people in your shoes who are also in need of an accountability buddy. You can join Facebook Groups to make some connections and put together your own accountability group if you wanted.

The key is to share your progress and be excited to talk about it. Having someone who knows what you’re working on and can be there to help you when you’re feeling stuck will be a game changer. 

Set a reward for completion

Hard work deserves a reward. For your big projects, allow yourself to reward yourself for what you have accomplished. If you have put in a plan to create and launch an online course and you cross the finish line on that project — go celebrate! 

Choose a reward that makes you happy and celebrate all that hustle you put it. It can be anything from a spa day to a new pair of shoes. Make it fun and something you’ll want to work towards to help you stay motivated throughout the process. 

All the planning in the world isn’t going to turn into action unless you put in the work. Using these tips should help remind you of what needs to be done to get you to where you want to be. If you find yourself truly lagging on a project and not wanting to spend the time on it— it’s time to reevaluate that project and ask yourself is this really a project that I should be working on?

I’d love to hear from you…what helps you keep yourself on track with your projects?


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